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info 5267, Work Boat, Passenger, 2016, 50.3 m, Aluminium, CREW BOAT US$ 600,000.00     info 5263, Research, Cargo ships, Passenger, 1981, 36 m, Steel, EXPEDITION & RESEARCH VESSEL. ISLAND TRADER NZ$ 250,000.00
info 5192, Passenger Ferry, Passenger, 1993, 10.19 m, Aluminium, PASSENGER SITE SEEING FERRY CHARTER. SUITABLE FOR DIVE, GENERAL PURPOSE WORK BOAT. NZ$ 200,000.00     info 5142, Passenger, Cargo ships, 1966, 29.34 m, Steel, EX COASTAL PASSENGER plus SOME CARGO VESSEL
info 5072, Work Boat, Passenger, Miscellaneous Vessels, 2007, 30.5 m, CREW BOAT US$ 850,000.00     info 5065, Passenger, Miscellaneous Vessels, 2018, 33.7 m, Steel, CREW BOAT, SUPPLY BOAT NEW BUILD
info 5049, Research, Cargo ships, Passenger, 1980, 33.85 m, Steel, SMALL CARGO/ PASSENGER SHIP. ISLAND TRADER. MOTOR YACHT NZ$ 860,000.00     info 4855, Passenger, Passenger Charter, 1994, 24.95 m, Aluminium, Steel, CUTTER RIG, PILOTHOUSE CAVALIER 81 MOTOR SAILER NZ$ 687,000.00
info 4814, Work Boat, Passenger, Miscellaneous Vessels, 38.1 m, Aluminium, CREW BOAT 71 PASSENGERS US$ 1,100,000.00     info 4813, Work Boat, Passenger, Miscellaneous Vessels, 48.8 m, Aluminium, CREW BOAT 80 PASSENGERS US$ 3,600,000.00
info 4812, Work Boat, Passenger, Miscellaneous Vessels, 50.3 feet, Aluminium, CREW BOAT 84 PASSENGERS US$ 3,600,000.00    

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