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Reference Number4564
Vessel TypeBarge & Landing Craft
Year Built2011
LOA78.1 m
Beam16 m
Draft3.5 m
GRT2,244.07 T
NRT1,670 T
Construction Details144 TEU
Clear deck 919.7325m2
Ramp 70 tonnes
Deck covering A60 dement
General Description144 TEU. CLEAR DECK 919m2
Engine Details2 x 1350hp @ 1900rpm
Horsepower2,700 hp
Auxiliary Engine3 x 164kW @ 1500rpm
ElectricalAlternators 3 x 150kW
Emergency genset 120kW
Gearbox2 x 1:4.96
Propeller2 x fixed 4 blade
Steering5 t -m electro-hydraulic
ThrusterBow thruster Cummins 350hp 3.5t thrust
Fuel CapacityFuel oil - 496m3
Lube oil - 6m3
Dirty oil - 10m3
Water CapacityFresh water - 750m3
Service Speed11 knots
Fuel Consumption6 tons per day
Engine RoomOily water separator 1m3/hr
Fuel transfer pump 10m3/hr @ 30m head
Dirty oil ump 3m3/hr @ 15m head
Accommodation18 men
1 x 4 men
5 x 2 men
4 x 1 man
AnchorWindlass 2 x 6T anchor
3 x Stockless Bower anchors
Ramp door C/W
30ho Power rack
Chain - 40mm x 240mm x 144mm
Stern anchor 1 x 3 tons aft winch C/W 20hp power rack
OtherSeweage Treatment plant - 25 ton capacity. 1.5m3 per day
Survey ClassBureau Veritas
GeneralLiferaft 2 x 20 person
PriceUS$ 6,300,000.00 Plus GST and /or Taxes if any.

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