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info 4917, Work Boat, Liners - Bottom & Surface, Miscellaneous Vessels, Troller, 1969, 16 m, Steel, MULTI PURPOSE FISHING VESSEL/WORKBOAT. EX TUNA TROLLER AND BOTTOM AND SURFACE LINER. ****** KEEN SELLER ****** AS IS WHERE IS ***********, PRICE REDUCED NZ$ 40,000.00     info 4879, Work Boat, Tug, Passenger, 12.17 m, Steel, TOW BOAT, WORK BOAT AU$ 165,000.00
info 4814, Work Boat, Passenger, Miscellaneous Vessels, 38.1 m, Aluminium, CREW BOAT 71 PASSENGERS US$ 1,100,000.00     info 4813, Work Boat, Passenger, Miscellaneous Vessels, 48.8 m, Aluminium, CREW BOAT 80 PASSENGERS US$ 3,600,000.00
info 4812, Work Boat, Passenger, Miscellaneous Vessels, 50.3 feet, Aluminium, CREW BOAT 84 PASSENGERS US$ 3,600,000.00     info 4774, Work Boat, Miscellaneous Vessels, 1987, 33.63 m, Steel, CREW BOAT - TRIPLE SCREW 2025HP UTILITY VESSEL US$ 700,000.00
info 4772, Miscellaneous Vessels, Work Boat, 1988, 66 m, Steel, TWIN SCREW MULTI PURPOSE WORK AND DREDGING VESSEL, BROKERS SUGGEST TRY US$ 1,635,000.00     info 4764, Work Boat, Miscellaneous Vessels, Tug, 1975, 51.36 m, Steel, SUPPLY BOAT. GOOD FOR OFFSHORE, OCEANIC SURVEY, SUPPLY AND TOWING. WAS FORMERLY AN ANCHOR HANDLING TUG. BP 26 TONS US$ 550,000.00
info 4718, Work Boat, Miscellaneous Vessels, Passenger, 1988, 25.2 m, Aluminium, TWIN SCREW CATAMARAN HULLED UTILITY CREW & WORK BOAT AU$ 650,000.00     info 4715, Work Boat, Miscellaneous Vessels, Passenger, 2002, 17.36 m, Aluminium, FAST SHALLOW WATER TWIN JET CREW/SUPPLY VESSEL AU$ 850,000.00

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